Getting Started

I take great pride in helping you through the marriage process. Before you can be married in Alberta, there are two things you must do- get a licence and choose a marriage officiant.

1. Choosing a Marriage Officiant

As an Alberta Marriage Commissioner, I am appointed by the Government of Alberta with legal authority to perform civil marriage ceremonies in Alberta. Please contact me to confirm my availability. We will arrange a meeting so I can hear your story and discuss the words and feelings you wish to include in your ceremony.  Your ideal ceremony awaits!

 2. Getting a Marriage Licence

You do not have to be an Alberta resident to be married in Alberta. A marriage licence shows the marriage commissioner that a couple meets the laws to be married in Alberta. To be married, a couple must apply for a Marriage Licence  at an Alberta registry agent office .  The licence is valid for three months.

Let's Talk About Your Wedding!

It is with great Joy that I officiate personalized wedding ceremonies, private elopements and family ceremonies. Long after the words are forgotten, you will remember the feeling created by a heartfelt ceremony.

Click here to contact me and learn more. I will happily answer your questions and provide detailed information.

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