About Me

Congratulations! Choosing the right person to officiate a ceremony is an important step in planning.

You will appreciate my warm, supportive manner that will instill confidence and create lasting memories of the ceremony for you and your guests.

A 35 year resident of medicine Hat – a rancher and registered nurse, I officiate small, intimate ceremonies and large public ceremonies, indoor or out.

I am a spiritual person who takes great joy in meeting new people and helping them find the words to express themselves publicly.

I like to meet with couples and plan the marriage ceremony. I have developed a set of vows that many couples choose.

You may make changes or include readings by friends or family. It is my pleasure to work with you to incorporate your ideas.

Whether you are planning a first, subsequent or family ceremony, please contact me by phone or email. Let me know the date, time and location of your ceremony. I look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions. We will begin to work together to ensure lasting memories of the most important days of your life.

Let's Talk About Your Wedding!

It is with great Joy that I officiate personalized wedding ceremonies, private elopements and family ceremonies. Long after the words are forgotten, you will remember the feeling created by a heartfelt ceremony.

Click here to contact me and learn more. I will happily answer your questions and provide detailed information.

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